With out Bees “OUR”  future is uncertain

Did you know that:

Bees are essential in providing our food.

Bees can be either nurtured or harmed and killed by what we plant in our garden.

Bees will starve if we do not decrease the amount of grass we maintain and plant more flowers.

Humming for Bees was chosen lakewinds’ Food Coop may 2015 recipient organization for their community giving program

All coop shoppers were invited to “round-up” to the nearest whole dollar amount throughout the month.  Humming for Bees was personally on hand for a day in each of the stores with literature, Bee Safe Yard Signs and T-Shirts.

Humming for Bees had a fantastic experience with in May with Lakewinds’ Community Giving Program. The customer support was beyond our expectations and the staff enthusiasm was key to the success.  Humming for Bees is immensely grateful for the chance to participate and we thank all who helped.

Bee Safe Yard Sign

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Please join us to change the world one flower at a time.