Free Bee Videos

Free Bee Video Links


- “Keep the Hives Alive”, Documentary featuring the tour stop at Moonstone Farm and Humming for Bees folks, Short Version

- “Talking Points: Protecting Pollinators”, Interview with Humming for Bees and Pesticide Action Network by League of Women Voters South Tonka

- “The Importance of Pollinator Gardens”, The Happi House, Season 2 Episode 21,

- “Dance of the Honey Bee”, Moyers & Company, Short article and video

- “Neonicotinoids: The New DDT?”, Earth Focus: Episode 69,, about 27 minutes long

- "Time for the Talk" - Ian Somerhalder Foundation, , about 2 minutes long.

- "Clovers in Your Lawn" -, about 4 minutes long.

- Dr. Marla Spivak: “Why bees are disappearing”,  Ted Talk - this is about 15 minutes long. 

- BBC: “Who Killed The Honey Bee” - This video is almost 60 minutes - Dr. Marla Spivak is featured.